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Special Needs
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Many issues are to be dealt with in this subject, Transportation of children and young adults is an area that Karlisle’s deal with on a weekly basis.

Whether it be modifying prams & buggies, reconstructing existing automotive seating, custom wheelchair alteration, or fitting out vehicles with a specific requirement, Karlisle’s has the expertise to provide what is necessary.

Regular discussion with care facilities, constant monitoring of the Therapeutic Goods Act and working in consultation with therapists, allows Karlisle’s to keep abreast of the changes necessary to ensure safe and comfortable transport.

Karlisle’s are also aware of the enormous costs encounted by parents and care facilities and attempt to offer alternatives with a realistic price tag.

Karlisle’s will look at all equipment in the disability arena and offer a repair and refurbishment service.

Where possible older equipment can be modified to suit a range of disabilities or simply be altered to be more comfortable other areas of interest are making situations easier on parents or carers.

Custom made equipment to suit vehicle, home or patient is also an option that is used widely and in consultation with carers and therapists.

All types of harnesses are made to measure, (walking, transport) upper body restraints, wheel chair & leg restraints.

We are also able to offer Made To Measure UV protected Sun Shades and Rain Covers for wheel chairs.

There is actually nothing we won’t look at, if it makes somebody’s quality of life more manageable and enjoyable.

If Karlisle’s can assist you please phone or email us for a consultation and appointment.



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