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Seat Belts
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There are many vehicles capable of having additional Seat Belts installed.

Some vehicles can be modified to fit alternative types of belts, such as; Retractable (Inertia Reel) or Full Harnesses.

Several models of passenger sedans are now approved to have the centre Lap only belt converted to an Inertia Reel belt.

Several vehicles are also capable of having an additional Lap belt fitted to the rear seat. This enables a combination of occupants including outer position child restraints.

Private Import vehicles must comply with Australian Design Rules to obtain registration, which includes seat belts and most cases child restraints.
For the vehicles that do not comply, a remake service is available or the vehicle can be fitted with compliant Australian product.

There is also a range of Seat Belts to suit Restoration Work and Early Production vehicles.
For the Show Car market there is a selection of colours available to co-ordinate with trim and upholstery, or simply to stand out in a crowd.

There are many brands on the market now fitted with impact stalks. The function of this type of stalk is to not lock in after impact, thus making it essential to replace the mechanism.
Any seat belts occupied in a motor vehicle accident should be replaced.

Seat belts must be checked regularly for correct operation of the Inertia Reel, Frayed Edges or Webbing Distortion. Any of the fore mentioned renders the Seat Belt defective, and should be attended to as soon as possible.

A requirement for most seat belt modifications is to provide an Engineers Certificate and Blue Slip for the R.T.A.

Karlisle’s supply all your requirements at the time of completing the job.

We keep a large supply of seat belts and fittings in stock, and our specialised staff are happy to discuss your requirements.

If Karlisle’s can assist you please phone or email us.


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