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Reverse Sensors & Cameras
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  • Do You Know What is Behind Your Car?
  • What Are You About To Run Over?
  • Is It Safe To Reverse?
  • Is There A Car Behind Me?
  • Where Are The Children?
  • Where is the Dog?

These are the questions that every driver needs to have answered before moving off.

Too many accidents occur in driveways or by simply reversing in or out of a garage.
Situations or items can change each time you need to reverse.

One of the most effective ways to combat these potentially disastrous accidents is to fit good quality Ultrasonic Reverse Sensors plus the addition of Reverse Cameras & Monitors.
This is the most effective way to help prevent these situations.

Keep in mind that these types of accidents are not confined to your home driveway and can occur in places such as

    • School Drop Off Zones
    • Delivery Areas
    • Car Parks
    • Shopping Centers

In fact it can happen anywhere at any time and the sad realisation is that these types of accidents do occur on a daily basis.

Included in this section of the website are some of the types of products and applications to help make driving safer.

Karlisle’s Reverse Sensors and Cameras are one of the safest options available for new & used vehicles and can be colour coded to match your vehicles paintwork or trim.

Reverse Sensors are an inexpensive addition to your vehicle and has the capability to prevent serious injury to those around the rear of your vehicle. They are a valuable aid when parking in tight spaces or when parked in.

Nobody wants unnecessary injury or damage.

Karlisle’s Reverse Sensors can be fitted to

    • Cars
    • Trucks
    • Busses
    • Motor Homes
    • Trailers

The addition of a Rear View Camera is the ultimate system, providing excellent night vision. Cameras can be connected to a range of Monitors, existing DVD and some Navigation Screens. The Rear View Cameras can be installed to activate only when reversing or with constant vision for vehicles with poor rear vision.

Karlisle’s can fit Miniature Cameras for Internal Monitoring for

    • Taxis
    • Watching baby
    • Disability Transport
    • Simply to keep an eye on the kids

DVD Players are an inexpensive option to keep those rear passengers amused.

Karlisle’s has a wide range of Individual or Roof Mounted Monitors which can be installed.
Headphones are available for each user and are Infra Red Controlled, so there is no need for wires.

The installed DVD systems can be supplied with a Remote Control and the Speakers can be built in to the surroundings.

For the Disability market we can tailor the use & operation to the requirements of a particular need. Karlisle’s regularly work with OT’s from both the Government & Private sector to provide stimulation and relieve some of the boredom that arises with children with special needs.

If you have situation that you would like Karlisle’s to look at or advice, please contact us directly.


Helping To Keep Children Safe



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