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Home Safety
Latest News

There are many areas around the home that a toddler can get themselves into Danger.

The areas that are most common are;

  • Stairs and Balustrades
  • Decks and Balconies
  • Unstable Furnishings
  • Curtains, Blind and Cords . . .

. . . and the list goes on.

Karlisle’s have been involved in advising on child safety for a number of years and can help to recognise the Potential Danger areas.

In today’s market, there are many items sold to assist in reducing the Danger areas, a lot of these products can be self fitted or Karlisle’s can arrange fitting for you (Sydney Metro).

An inspection of the home is the best method of pinpointing the Dangerous areas and this can be done room by room.

Karlisle’s specialise in custom fabrication of product to Child Safe and best suit the situation as well as be aesthetically pleasing with minimum defacing of fixed surfaces. With the use of Clear Polycarbonate and Aluminium profiles, combined with Self Closing Hinges and Magnetic Locks, Karlisle’s can provide easy access for parents and older children; this is particularly used on stairs and balustrades.

Cabinet and appliance locks are not always the answer, as some toddlers are little Einsteins, for these situations, further discussion is recommended. 

Rental properties can be the hardest to secure, as many landlords frown upon placing holes in walls, woodwork, etc. Calling your property manager or property owner for permission is highly advised before any changes are to be made. Usually an offer to restore the property to original condition can be helpful.

Other areas of a home that are potential danger zones are;

  • Garages and Sheds
  • Grandparents and Day Carers Homes.

Karlisle’s staff members are happy to discuss and quote your child proofing needs. At present this service is only available to the Sydney Metro Area. An inspection fee applies and a written report is supplied. There is no obligation to use our services.

Please take the time to look at our Online Store to view available products.


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