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Child Restraints - Introduction
Latest News

Road trauma often leads to tragedy, especially when children are involved.

With the products, technology authorised fitting stations and many avenues of professional advice available in Australia, there should be no reason not to protect your precious cargo.

Unfortunately, there are too many people with a very reckless attitude to the safety of children in cars.

Karlisle’s operate a comprehensive Authorised Restraint Fitting Station with knowledgeable, caring staff where safety is our No: 1 concern.

What you must NEVER do:

  • NEVER transport any child without a suitable restraint for their weight and height.
  • NEVER hold a child in your arms or on your lap.
  • NEVER allow a child to sit on the front seat and/or in front of an airbag.
  • NEVER drive off without checking that the seat belt is still fastened in the correct path and position for the restraint being used.
  • NEVER drive off after carrying a rear passenger, until you check that the child restraint seat belt is still secured.
  • NEVER fit a child restraint on a front seat if the vehicle has a rear seat
    ....And finally, NEVER share a seat belt

Fitting A Child Restraint
If fitting a child restraint yourself, contact Karlisle’s or your nearest authorised restraint fitting station to have it checked.

It is important that you and any other user of the restraint are familiar with the correct use and procedure. This information can be found in your child restraints instruction manual.

You should always consider having your child restraint professionally fitted. A responsible restraint fitter will explain correct use and installation whilst doing the job.

Always use products with an Australia Standards Approval.

Buying a Restraint
When purchasing a child restraint it is advisable to buy new. Manufacturers of child restraints generally do not supply parts for product over 10 years old. It is considered that 10 years id the life of that type of product.

Second Hand restraints should be avoided, as the history is usually unknown. Never use a restraint that has been occupied in a collision or has had broken glass through it from broken windows or screens.

It is now illegal for a store of any kind to sell a child restraint that has no instruction manual and/or user labels affixed to the restraint.

Restraints made in another country do not comply with Australian Standards at this stage.

The legal ramifications of using non approved product may wipe insurance cover for injury, leaving the driver liable.

The law states that the driver is held responsible for a child being properly restrained.

It is illegal to commercially sell or hire a child restraint that does not comply with Australian Standards AS 1745-1991 or later editions of the standard.

It is illegal for a seat belt to be shared.

Taxis Use Law - Transporting children in taxis is a very grey area at this point in time.

The law as stands is Children under the age of 12 months must use a suitable restraint.

Children over 12 months old can sit on an adult seat and wear an adult seat belt!

The law states that the driver is held responsible for a child being properly restrained.

Frequently Asked Questions
What can I do when my child won’t stay in the restraint?
This is a very hard question to answer. Firstly, you must never give in to their crys or screams, because if you do it once they will then expect it each time you try to do up the harness.

They must be taught from day one that they must sit in their restraint. If they make a fuss, let them know that you are unable to start the car until they are sitting still in their restraint. If they undo the restraint while driving, you will need to pull over do up the restraint and do not proceed until they sit still.

I do not have a standard vehicle?
There are many options available for non standard vehicles. Contact Karlisle’s experienced fitters to discuss this further.

Cleaning the restraint?
Do not wash the cover or harness in a washing machine or have Dry Cleaned. Hand wash in mild detergent and cold water. Dry away from direct sun light. Make sure items are completely dry before refitting.

Due to food, drink, etc being consumed by the child, the crotch buckle may become difficult to use. Never try to pull the crotch buckle apart to clean. You can try the following to clean out the muck gathered in the crotch buckle.

  • Remove buckle from restraint (follow your instruction booklet).
  • Run warm water through the buckle.
  • Dry well.
  • Reinstall correctly.

Karlisle’s operate a comprehensive Authorised Restraint Fitting Station with knowledgeable, caring staff where safety is our No: 1 concern.

If you are not sure about any of the above information or have a question not covered already, please contact one of Karlisle’s experienced fitters by phone, or email.


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